House Upkeep

April 26, 2021

6 Big Pay Off Home Improvements

Renovating this year? Here are 6 home improvements that pay off big time when you sell


Thinking about renovating areas of your home soon? Don’t waste your time with projects that won’t yield ROI when it comes time to sell— here are the ...

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March 31, 2021

From stale to sold with these 7 upgrades

Sometimes homeowners can look at their cherished home through an oversized pair of rose-colored glasses, and over time, the noticeable imperfections become no big deal.

Then, when it’s time to take advantage of a hot seller’s market, there’s a thunderous silence as the beloved home is overlooked. 

When the ...

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March 1, 2021

Plants, Wine & Basements Oh My


Using plants as décor is a great way to add a little color and a natural, bright feel to any room. There are endless types of plants to choose from and various ways to display each one, but here are a few of our ...

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Jan. 12, 2021

January 2021 Community News


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Dec. 16, 2020

Should I renovate my home before I sell it?


Wouldn’t it be great if every real estate question came with a simple, one word answer?

The reality is, most questions about buying and selling homes have a two word answer: It depends.

Whether you should renovate your home before you sell it is no exception. It’s a common ...

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July 19, 2020

6 Updates You Can Make To Your Kitchen Without Renovating

Thinking about saying goodbye to your outdated kitchen in favor of a fresh, bright space to entertain friends and cook family meals, but shocked with how much a kitchen remodel actually costs?

Don’t worry, there’s still tons of budget-friendly things you can do to update your space without the huge ...

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April 22, 2020

Change Your Door Color

Now that spring has officially sprung in the Carolinas, it’s the perfect time to get outside and refresh your home’s exterior. Giving your front door a colorful coat of paint is a fun weekend DIY project and an easy way modernize your curb appeal. Bring the personality of your home ...

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Dec. 20, 2019

Your Home Ownership Journey

Allen Tate President/CEO Pat Riley shares milestones to plan for.

There’s an old saying that there are three things that matter in real estate: location, location, location. But while location is certainly important, homeownership is really more of a journey, not a fixed destination.

“When you take ownership of ...

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Nov. 15, 2019

Home Inspirations

From a local designer - look at these great projects for you to consider. 


Lauren Nicole Interior Design | Luxe Firethorne Home

Charlotte, North Carolina

Lauren Nicole Interior Design is rooted in the belief that your home is a reflection of your personality, so Lauren makes sure to meet ...

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Oct. 4, 2019

Safer Communities


In a society where we refer to our homes as our castles, it makes sense that we also want to feel safe and secure in our residences. But as we spend more time inside looking at screens and less time outside making connections with neighbors, it also makes sense ...

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